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Posted: 01/12/2017 05:18:22
The majority of people use the same username and / or email to register at all the websites, and there is no problem there sort of, BUT what I do not understand is why many of you would use the same password to register on all these websites and what is the worst is to use the same password on your email account....

I mean never never never and never use your email password anywhere, it has to be unique, strong and not shared with anyone ever. If you did, than right away change your passwords, you can use a simple tool to generate a strong password: Click Here Here but you do not have to use this tool, but do change your passwords.

If you have a smart phone, use 2-auth to your email, also once changed avoid using public networks to access your emails, never provide any passwords to a form sent to you via email unless you really have asked for it from the website moments ago.

Avoid opening links you do not know or you are uncertain about, some of these links are misleading and redirecting to sites identical to the site they are trying to get information to, for example they would use something like EXAMPLE.CO as a link but will show you as text EXAMPLE.COM, so when you land on the site it will be a perfect duplicate of the site but it's NOT.

Never use the same passwords on any websites, there are way too many fake sites out there, they will promise you the world and how secure their data is, and military encryption and all the sweet stuff, it's bullshit, they just want to get your information so they can go around and access your other sites.

Another way to keep accounts secure is to change passwords, it is not a must if you don't want but it is a big plus if you change your password once every 60 days or so.

Put a password on your computer when you open your computer, yes every time you login you will have to enter a password, I know it's more work to open your computer but you will sleep better at night knowing your computer is locked.

There are many ways to keep your information safe and secure, of course you cannot be 100% safe online, but you can at least get rid of the majority of just wanna-be-thieves that are trying to get what belongs to you and only you.

I have been told that I am very strict when it comes to members verification, proofs and so on, but at least you know now a little more why it is the way it is, these requirements are there to protect you in the first place.

I as an owner need to know that when it comes to things like paying members I don't end up paying someone random that might not be even the actual owner of the account. Yes, you can call me paranoid if you want but it's your funds and I want to make sure it gets to you when it is requested. Admin,
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