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Posted: 04/13/2016 07:29:15
It is very easy to sign up and earn money with PTC sites. First, complete the registration process by clicking the button "Register", which usually appear in the middle or upper right of the page PTC "Join". After registration find the "View Ads" or "Surf Ads" to begin to view advertisements. Usually there will be 4 -10 ads last 10 seconds - 30 seconds for you to click on each day. Rates of pay for each visit often appreciate the $ 0.01 - $ 0.02.

Guides to keep in mind when joining PTC program:

1) Make sure that Paypal and Payza (or other payment processors) e-mail address registered in PTC websites are the same as those that you register in Paypal and Payza. If not, you may not receive your payments if you give the wrong e-mail.

2) Investigate the site you will join to see whether it is a scam or not. (Use the 'Google Search' to get more information about this website before joining it needs to type the name of the website and the word "scam" next to receive the site decision.. NeoBux Scam, etc.)

3) Do not open multiple accounts at the same site. This action is considered as cheating and your account will be deleted and all income will be lost.

4) Read the TOS (Terms of Agreement) for each PTC web site carefully before you join.

Sometimes some sites provide links cheat to keep them from auto-click software or bots. Do not click this cheatlinks to avoid penalty or your balance (s) will be reset to zero or your account (s) will be suspended if they click too many times.

Do not invest too much in any PTC site if you do not know or do not fully understand. You need to invest your money you can afford. Withdraw your earnings regularly and immediately if possible. These sites can pay today and anytime, but tomorrow we do not know, so use your money wisely

Hope this will help.

Happy earning and stay safe!

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